Found Art (Prod. Psymun)

by Rich Garvey X Psymun

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This song signifies what hip-hop music is all about. The mind state of knowing one's self as it relates to their art; whether music, poetry, performance, etc. We wanted to embody that feeling of finding your art and connecting to it.


Verse 1:

spit it so critical neglected like a bastard child,
so i had man up how li you like me now,
i shine with luster gold links and diamonds clusters,
to blind the pupils on u suckas, i bring the ruckus,
a hot commodity, verses like deuteronomy,
capture the image vivid like videography,
now take image still, still bugging off emit till,
now we got troy davis man this shit is ill,
thats why i spit it real, and give your girl that tingling feel,
rich garvey in full effect, you the deal,
now back to program, i fin to get us on fame,
chief on the gridiron sort like hank stram,
its bloodsport jean van dame,
lyrical assault i buck, ya;ll scram,
im just a west african lost in this strange land,
thinking on my feet i formulate the gameplan,

Verse 2:

I spit eloquent, invoke utter excellence,
Abstract delivery setting new precedent,
#1 candidate rich garvey for president,
my style is vindicated and highly duplicated,
heaven sent,
getting funky on the mic homie like parliament,
take my anger on these beats short fuse and malcontent,
I been plotting on you garbage rappers ;time to vent,
your albums cant equate to 2 bars that I invent,
Like Prizm said, Lamers got the game backwards,
read about me in the city pages homie im a factor,
Dine on your fickle mind like valociraptors,
Turn my verses to episodes from fear factor,
Fill in for joe rogan, my venom is so potent,
My aim is to get it now, ya’ll moving in slow motion,
Keep up pace, or see how my reebok’s taste,
Truly one of one and adversary you’ve never faced


released February 1, 2011
Rich Garvey & Psymun
lyrics by Rich Garvey
produced by Psymun
mixed&mastered by Psymun
photo by Leah Monson
album artwork/editing by Rich Garvey & Psymun
Rich&Psymun EP coming soon

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Rich Garvey Minneapolis, Minnesota

Rich Garvey is a Liberian Born-Minneapolis based Emcee, Producer, and Engineer. Since 2011 he has been consistent in the Twin Cities, performing at countless venues and gaining more listeners respectively. Having an African background exposed him to many genres of music including, Zouk, Calypso, Reggae, etc. His music can also be describe as witty, lyrical, insightful & melodic. ... more

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